Here are a selection of groups and foundations providing information and support:

Fibromyalgia Association UK & FibroAction Uk merged with each other on the 1 July 2015. To create Fibromyalgia Action UK.  At present the contact details will remain the same. We will notify you on the website if there are any other changes.

Helpline: 0844 887 2444 (10AM - 2PM)
@ Studio 3007, Mile End Mill, 12 Seedhill Rd, Paisley, PA1 15S

Dr Jacob Teitelbaum is one of the foremost experts on Fibromyalgia and chronic pain, having overcome the disease himself in 1976. His websites have lots of practical advice on improving energy levels, sleep and ending fatigue. 

Dr Devin Starlanyl

Dr Devin Starlanyl is another American doctor who has written extensively on Fibromylagia. Her website has a number of resources and information for patients and medical practitioners.

These include:

  • A popular list of diagnostic symptoms
  • An informational handout Fibromyalgia, Trigger Points and Myofascial Pain Syndrome
UK Fibromyalgia

UK Fibromyalgia have a site with lots of information and links to other sites, Facebook groups and details of their monthly publication "The Fibromyalgia Magazine". They also run the Fibromyalgia shop where you can purchase promotional merchandise, fibromyalgia friendly clothing, DVD and supplements.

NFA Logo

The National Fibromyalgia Association is a US based organisation that provides information and opportunities to speak with other's in the FM community through message boards and online chat rooms.

The Fibromyalgia Information Foundation (previously the Oregon Fibromyalgia Foundation) aims to raise public awareness of Fibromyalgia through reference to scientifically validated research and provide educational and self-help tools to improve day to day management.

Fibromyalgia Support N. Ireland

The Northern Ireland Fibromyalgia Support organisation has information on pain managment, research, and resources for GPs.


By using the 'wiki' principle (that allows readers of the site to add and update information) Wiki-Fibromyalgia hopes to provide a hub of information for sufferers, their carers and the medical profession. Community created pages cover diagnosis, pain relief, mobility issues among many others. However, as a community run project some pages are not fully functional and the information contained comes with no guarantee.

Do you want a cure for Fibromyalgia ? . . . We do. If you feel as strongly as we do that research is urgently needed to find a cause and a cure, then please join us. We are The Fibroduck Foundation, the brainchild of Fibroduck and the Rambling Duck. We exist for one purpose: to raise funds for UK-based biomedical research into Fibromyalgia syndrome.

New for 2014: Fibroduck is proud to announce that their new Fibroduck Phone App is now in development and will be released to the public over the next few months. Keep an eye on the Fibroduck website for further updates.

Hypnotherapy Directory was launched to connect individuals with qualified professionals in the UK. We offer information about what hypnotherapy is, how it can help, upcoming events, articles written by professionals and the latest hypnotherapy news.

To ensure the professionalism of our members, we require proof of their qualifications and insurance cover, or proof of professional body membership. This is crucial to providing a website that can be trusted by the public.

Please see our pain management information page here.